Level 2 FIS Integrity certification achieved

Last week, consultants Mads Yrfelt, Kasper Martinsen and Nels Mortensen extended their FIS Integrity certifications by completing Level 2 with flying colors!

Due to the current situation with limitations on travelling, the certification training was held over Microsoft Teams with the instructor in Sydney, Australia, and the infiniance team in our office in Copenhagen. Despite the long distance and 8 hours time difference, the training was held without any issues.

While Level 1 sets the basics of Integrity, Level 2 focus is on system security, advanced exposure and facility management, as well as period accounting and EFTs.

With one current Integrity implementation in its final stages, and a new project starting within a few weeks, the latest certifications enable us to get an integral understanding of the system and how it can be best deployed to the requirements of our clients.

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Level 2 FIS Integrity certification achieved