Infiniance now certified on Kyriba Connectivity

In our continued efforts to be a one-stop shop for the implementation needs of our clients, we have now added the Kyriba Connectivity Certification to our portfolio.

Consultant Kasper Martinsen completed the six-day course – and three separate exams – covering all aspects of connectivity in Kyriba, including:

  • SWIFT setup (FileAct vs. FIN, BRED SSB, AllianceLite 2, MT BRED Concentrator, SCORE vs. MACUG, 3SKey) 
  • EBICS (German vs. French, contract setup, services available)
  • sFTP, FTP, FTPs (encryption, firewalls, FXall, 360T, FINASTRA)
  • and much more

Through the several implementation projects we worked on so far, connectivity has proved to be a key part in all. This includes connectivity to banks – through host-to-host or SWIFT, to ERP’s, internal data warehouses, trading platforms etc.

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Infiniance now certified on Kyriba Connectivity