In the market for a new treasury management system?

The pace of change has never been this fast, yet it will never be this slow again.

Tustin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada, Davos, February 2018

Make the right choice the first time with the fixed-cost TMS Selection Workshop & RFP delivered by infiniance.

The market for treasury management systems is ever-changing. Vendors are consolidating, others are exiting, some are radically changing their platform, new disruptors are entering the market. And last but not least, the underlying technology is changing – fast.

In this complex market it is more important than ever to make the right choice – what are the differences between the systems, who are the vendors behind, will they be there for me when I need them, should we go for cloud, on-premise, SaaS (and does it matter?), should we choose a third-party solution and integrate or go with the functionality provided in our ERP system?

As a corporate treasurer, this is a choice you only have to make a few times in your career – meanwhile you still need to do your day job.

In the past few months, infiniance have helped several clients through-out the Nordics making this choice, and more are in the pipeline. As your trusted, independent partner, our fixed-cost one-day TMS selection workshop helps you map your requirements, both functional and non-functional, identify areas of special interest, create a high-level system architecture, and identify a short-list of relevant systems and vendors. Following the workshop, you may choose to venture into a request-for-proposal phase, which infiniance can facilitate at a fixed price as well, from sending out the RFP to selected vendors, consolidating the responses into a balanced score-card, building the business case for management, and guide you in the final decision.

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In the market for a new treasury management system?