Treasury Snap-Check at Danish Industrial Company

Using the Treasury Snap-Check model – which has been developed by infiniance – we conduct a high-level end-to-end analysis of the Treasury department. The deliverables from the analysis include a number of concrete recommendations, a weighted cost-benefit implementation plan, and a scoring of the treasury performance against best-practise. The model is applicable to organisations of all sizes, and the best-practise target is accommodated to your peer group.

The analysis is conducted by phone interviews followed by on-site presentation and discussion of the results. The short timeframe and proven model means the analysis can be conducted at a low fixed cost.

infiniance recently conducted a Treasury Snap-Check at a mid-sized Danish industrial company, and the feedback from the client was very positive:

“The report clearly visualised where we could improve. I was expecting a theoretic and generic result that couldn’t be used in practise, but this was far from the case. We were very positively surprised over the very practical approach deployed by infiniance. The results clearly show that we can easily improve our operations without a huge effort! “

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