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  • Corporates

    We are proficient in the following systems and technologies:

      SAP ECC
    • SAP Treasury
    • SAP In-House Cash
    • SAP Cash Management
    • SAP Financial Accounting
    • SAP Accounts Receivable
    • SAP Accounts Payable
    • SAP Asset Management
    • SAP Bank Communication Manager
    • SAP Credit Management
    • SAP Collection and Disbursement
      SAP S/4HANA
    • SAP S/4HANA Treasury
    • SAP S/4HANA Cash Management
    • SAP S/4HANA Financial Accounting (certified)
    • SAP S/4HANA Asset Management
    • SAP S/4HANA Central Finance
    • SAP S/4HANA Project Systems
    • SAP S/4HANA Profitability and Cost Analysis
    • SWIFT AllianceLite2 (AL2)
    • XML Payments ISO20022
    • Bank Connectivity
    • FIS Quantum
    • FIS Trax
    • FIS Integrity (certified)
    • CGI TWIN
    • WallStreet Systems
    • BELLIN tm5
    • KYRIBA Core, Bank, Cash, Payments (certified)
    • OpenLink Findur
    • OpenLink Endur
  • Insurance

    • SAP Insurance Policy Management
    • SAP Insurance Claims Management
    • SAP Insurance Collection and Disbursement
    • SAP Financial Accounting
  • Asset Management

    • SAP Transaction Management
    • SAP Market Risk Analyzer
    • SAP Portfolio Analyzer
    • SAP Financial Accounting
  • Public Sector

    • SAP Public Sector Collection and Disbursement
    • SAP Public Sector Tax and Revenue Management


  • Corporate Treasury

    Financial Strategy
    Financial Policy
    Policy Management
    Claims Management
    Collection and Disbursement
    Payment Factory
    Payments and payment formats
    Cash Management
    Cash Pools
    Hedge Management
    Exposure Management
    Financial Accounting
    Financial Compliance
    Financial Closing and Reporting
    Financial Governance Risk and Reporting
    Financial Intelligence

  • Insurance

    Financial Strategy
    Financial Policy
    Policy Management
    Claims Management
    Collection and Disbursement
    Payment Factory
    Payments and payment formats
    Cash Management
    Cash Pools
    Financial Accounting
    Financial Compliance
    Financial Closing and Reporting
    Financial Governance Risk and Reporting
    Financial Intelligence

  • IFRS9

    IFRS9 will replace IAS39 and will have a significant impact on the companies hedge accounting processes, policies and systems.
    The main purpose of the revision of the standard is to closer align the standard to the actual risk management processes of the company.

    IFRS9 opens up for new hedging approaches and the most important changes include:
    • Split of hedges into commodity and FX element (for example USD and Oil)
    • Changes to accounting of options – time value now eligible for hedge accounting
    • No longer efficiency testing within a band 80-120%

    In general, the standard is more principal based rather than rigorous rule-based (as IAS39), meaning implementation should be simplified which should allow for higher degree of automation and using systematic process for support. However, opening for interpretation also introduce an element of uncertainty.

    The new standard will come into effect for financial reports after 1st January 2018, so it is time to act now.

    We at infiniance can help you in this process, working together with your treasury and auditors. We will:

    • Review your current hedge accounting setup
    • Review treasury policies, processes and systems
    • Design the required changes to comply with the standard, as well as the new possibilities
    • We implement the changes in your systems and reporting

    Contact us today to learn more about our IFRS9 compliance capabilities.

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  • Snap-Check

    The Treasury Snap-Check model is developed by infiniance, where we conduct a high-level end-to-end analysis of the Treasury department.

    The deliverables from the analysis is a number of concrete recommendations, a cost-benefit weighted implementation plan, and scoring the treasury performance against best-practise.

    The analysis is conducted by phone interviews followed by on-site presentation and discussion of the results. The short timeframe and proven model means the analysis can be conducted at a low fixed cost.

    The feedback from the clients has been very positive:

    • “The report clearly visualised where we could improve.”

    • “I was expecting a theoretic and generic result that couldn’t be used in practise, but this was far from the case. “

    • “We were very positively surprised over the very practical approach deployed by infiniance.”

    • “The results clearly shows that we can easily improve our operations without a huge effort!“

    Contact us today to learn how we can help your treasury to achieve best-practise!

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  • Treasury-as-a-Service (TaaS)

    Our consultants have +10 years of experience working in, or with, corporate treasuries.

    Due to our vast treasury experience we are able to perform treasury tasks with minimal hand-over.

    An understaffed treasury can result in high cost e.g. due to lost opportunities or risks not being mitigated.

    We cover all processes within treasury
    – Cash flow forecasting
    – Cash pool structures
    – Liquidity management
    – Risk reporting
    – Bank selection
    – Refinancing
    – Treasury policies
    – Hedging strategy
    – Counterparty exposure
    – Document margin on intercompany loans
    – Overall treasury reporting
    – Treasury systems management

    Examples of interim Treasury Support
    – Temporary support due to leave of absence
    – Temporary support for treasury projects
    – Temporary support on mergers and acquisitions
    – Temporary support before new employee starts

    Contact us today to learn how we can alliviate your treasury in times of need!

Partnerships & Certifcations


    We have certified S/4HANA Solution Architects – the primary S/4 certification – which focuses on the different transition scenarios, infrastructure landscape options and building your S/4HANA Roadmap – the first and most important step that customers need to get started on.

    Additionally, we have certified SAP ACTIVATE© Project Managers and certifications in S/4HANA Finance & Controlling and S/4HANA Treasury & Cash Management. This broad spectrum of the certifications ensures we can assist you in all aspects of your upcoming transition to S/4HANA.

  • FIS Integrity

    A core team of consultants from infiniance have completed the FIS Integrity certification.

    The certification enables infiniance consultants to provide FIS Integrity clients with professional services and end-to-end implementations in cooperation with FIS’ experts.

    Treasury management systems in general are increasingly getting subscription-based and runs on off-premise cloud platforms, which means they are quicker to deploy, less capital intensive, and with more functionality “out-of-the-box”. Allowing external partners to work directly with FIS solutions is a natural extension of this market trend.

  • Kyriba Core/Bank/Cash

    A team of infiniance consultants have completed the intensive Kyriba Core/Bank/Cash/Payments training course and exam which needed to be passed to obtain the Kyriba Gold Level-certification.

    The Kyriba Gold Certification enables infiniance consultants to provide Kyriba clients with professional support and manage onsite end-to-end implementations in cooperation with Kyriba’ specialists.

    This certification is an additional step in infiniance’s goal to provide our clients with the best service, no matter which TMS they are using or planning to use.

  • Serrala

    infiniance is implementation partner for Serrala FS² Solution Suite in the Nordic region

  • Treasurer.dk

    infiniance has strengthened its position in strategic treasury consultancy and has entered into a cooperation agreement with Simon H. Hoffmann from Treasurer.dk. The parties can thus draw on each other’s competencies and resources on relevant tasks within corporate treasury.

    Simon has more than 12 years of experience in treasury and cash management, most recently as Head of Group Treasury at DFDS for more than 4 years.


  • Assessment

    The infiniance assessment services provide you with a time efficient and high-level assessment of the financial conditions of your company.

    In this process, we cover assessment of financial strategies, models, processes, organization, technology, compliance and HR. During the assessment, we highlight central areas where there is a potential for economic benefits for your company given certain suggested changes. Based on our statistical guidelines, we provide you with an indicative quantification of the economic benefits given the implementation of these changes.

  • Advisory

    The infiniance advisory services focuses on advisory of your company’s financial strategies, models, processes, organization, technology, compliance and HR.

    Building on the results from the assessment, our aim is to enforce strengths, improve weak areas, identify and develop opportunities, and identify and contain threats in the financial area of your company.

    The infiniance advisory services have identified multimillion EUR improvements to our clients.Selected examples of areas we have provided advisory within are:

    • Improved cash flow forecasting
    • Hedging of commodities
    • Reduced borrowing margins
    • Reduction in FX costs
    • Savings in costs of internal payments
    • Bank independence
    • Increased use of share service centres
    • More effective financial processes
    • More effective compliance
    • Transparency in the financial flows, etc.

  • Implementation

    The infiniance implementation services cover implementation of financial strategies, models, processes, technology, compliance, and HR

    We work with a classic waterfall implementation method based on a clear insight into the respective elements of the implementation process. The elements in a classic implementation are analysis, design, realization, test, documentation, go live and handover. We provide program, project and change management during the entire implementation. We are recognized as highly skilled implementors, who are used to work with large international client’s teams and third parties.

    We work with an iterative implementation method, when there are central uncertainties as to the creation of the solution or parts of the solution due to its novelty or complexity. The elements in an iterative implementation method are the same as in the waterfall method. The order of the elements is however different and we may start to build solution parts in order to get feedback to initiate analysis that is more specific, or to get alternatives for design.

    The infiniance implementation services have delivered large-scale solutions to multinational companies in the form of projects and programs. Selected examples of areas we have provided implementation within are:

    Internal Banks, Payment Factories, Shared Service Centers, E-Invoicing, Treasury Management, Cash flow forecasting, Credit Management, Cash Management, Reporting, Compliance, Risk Management, and Bank Integration

  • Support

    The infiniance support services cover both business support and technical support within specific solutions. With respect to business support, we offer both interim and managed support for the following lines of business:

    • Finance Management
    • Treasury Management
    • Risk Management
    • Cash Management
    • Payment Management
    With respect to technical support, we offer managed support for IT-departments within the following technical areas
    • Treasury Management Solutions
    • Risk Management Solutions
    • Cash Management Solutions
    • Internal bank Solutions
    • Bank Integration Solutions
    • Payment Solutions

  • Training

    The infiniance training services cover both training in finance and treasury, as well as training in specific finance and training solutions.

    With respect to training in finance and treasury, we offer the following advanced courses:

    • Financial infrastructures and transparency
    • Cash flow modelling and forecasting in large companies
    • Payment management in international companies
    • Bank integration in large companies
    With respect to training in specific financial solutions, we offer training in most financial modules of SAP related to finance, treasury, insurance and banking in coordination with SAP Education Services.

    Training in other solutions are provided on ad hoc basis and always as part of the implementation projects.


  • Global Pharmaceutical Company

    Design and implementation of a world wide solution for handling internal and external payments based on SAP In House Cash in 100+ countries for 12 banks.

  • International Shipping Company

    Design and implementation of a world wide solution for handling internal and external payments based on SunGard Trax and SAP In House Cash in 100+ countries for 8 banks.

  • Global Energy Company

    Design and implementation of a world wide solution for handling internal and external payments based on SAP In House Cash in 50+ countries for 4 banks.

  • International Insurance Company

    Design of an SAP Insurance solution covering SAP Policy Management, SAP Claims Management, SAP Collection and Disbursement, SAP Financial Accounting.

  • Swedish Multinational Corporate

    Implementation of SAP Transaction Manager, SAP Risk Analyser, and SWIFT Solution and SAP BPC for Cash forecasting and Treasury reporting.

  • Listed Nordic Corporate

    Establishing financial policy and financial reporting as well as refinancing of larger multicurrency facility.