Breakfast Seminar: Payment Fraud – what are the risks and what can be done

On September 26, 2019 we will host a business breakfast seminar on the topic of Payment Fraud and how to meet the challenges it presents. It is not a question if, but when and how, your company will be the target of fraudulent activities.
Given that the challenges of payment fraud need to be approached cross-functional, we encourage all CFO’s, treasurers, finance professionals, IT, and anyone else involved in your company’s payment processing to participate. 
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The agenda for the day:


Registration, delicious breakfast buffet from Søren K and networking


Welcome – Managing Partner, Henrik Juhler, infiniance


Payment Fraud – how to spot it and stop it!


Fraudsters are a threat not only towards banks and their customers. They are also posing a threat to society where digital and instant payments are increasingly becoming the standard. Linus Fugl will uncover the latest trends in payment fraud and give his view on how banks and financial institutions should collaborate to try and mitigate this threat.
Head of Transaction Services, Danske Bank, Linus Fugl



Coffee break and networking


Mitigating BEC Payment Fraud (Business Email Compromising)


The total loss of registered BEC fraud cases reached 12 billion USD in 2018. What is BEC fraud and why every company should be concerned. Real case study including research results. Live hacking demo on how BEC fraud is carried out by IT-criminals. Insight into how BEC fraud attacks can be detected and mitigated effectively.
Chief Technology Officer, CSIS Security Group A/S, Jan Kaastrup


How to heighten visibility to your payment processes and detect suspicious behaviour


Serrala Fraud Monitor©: Fraud risks are on the rise, posing new challenges for companies. Your first line of defence is to ensure full security within your organization’s internal payment processes. Understand the difference between normal payment behaviour and sneaky fraudulent behaviour. Leverage knowledge from payment patterns and historically detected fraud, to fine-tune your fraud monitoring. Detect, prevent, and tighten control.
Senior Solutions Architect, Treasury & Cash Visibility, Nancy Zhang (CFA), Serrala


Concluding remarks – Managing Partner, Henrik Juhler, infiniance


*) Target audience for this event are private and public corporations and companies. Infiniance reserve the right to refuse registrations outside the target audience.

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